Xiao Han

Week #9

The prompt is:

...the orange one spoke first…

It was October 25th, Keira and Lucia was preparing for Halloween. Their baby brother, Will was sitting on the sofa playing with his toys. They bought all kinds of Halloween decorations to decorate their house. They first went to decorate their front porch, then they started decorating the inside of the house. When they were done their dad took them to Target, when their dad bought a pumpkin for Will. It was in different colors, when Will squish it, the orange one spoke first and was shining bright like they put a candle inside. When they went home, and started unpacking all the candies they bought, waiting for the next few days.

Week #8

These words ALL have to be in your writing but they can be in any order.

They are:

Balloon Never Kicked Brown Frightening

Cho and her father, Mr. Blaese was going to the Sandy Lakes Amusement Park. When Cho was sitting in the car with her father, when they arrived at Sandy Lakes Amusement Park, Cho’s father went and bought 2 tickets waiting in line. When Cho and her father went in a man dressed up as a clown, gave Cho and her father two balloons one for Cho and one for her father. When Cho’s father mentioned to go to the roller coaster, and right at the moment Cho was scared and also Cho had never ridden a roller coaster before, when it was almost our turn me and my father sit next to each other and then the ride begins. The ride was frightening, when she got off the roller coaster she was almost going to throw up into the garbage can. When Cho was deciding to go to the carousel, but when she arrived at the carousel was closed. When Cho was walking, she kicked the ground. Then they went to the circus, and played games in the Sandy Lakes Amusement Park. Then when it was close to 6:00 Cho and her father left the park and headed home.

The next day Cho was outside sweeping the yard leaves falling down, that was brown, red, yellow, and orange. Cho’s father was outside playing golf, because her father said she had to sweep the floor before playing golf. Golf was Cho’s favorite activity to do with her father.


  1. Xiao Han,
    Keira, Lucia, and Will's father was very generous to purchase so many decorations for them for Halloween. I could picture the baby squishing into the orange pumpkin. Thanks for sharing your story. Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Guilderland, NY, USA

  2. Hi Xiao Han,
    I really liked reading your story. You used the prompt given in such an interesting way. Bravo! Do you like Halloween parties?
    Best wishes,
    Miss Milena, a teacher at BIS Belgrade