Week #9

The prompt is:

...the orange one spoke first…

BAM!!! The door was knocked down. Two robbers invaded the house. One wore an orange bandana and the other wore a purple one. the orange one spoke first. “Hands up, mortals!!!” he yelled. The other purple one shook his head. “Larry, what did I tell you about this? Don’t say ‘mortals.’ it sounds horrible, especially since we’re also mortals.” Larry whipped his head around to face his partner, angry. “ BOB! Be quiet!” He yelled. out of all robbers, there guys were the lamest. larry smirked a creepy grin and slowly took something out of his front pocket…
To be continued…..

Week #8

These words ALL have to be in your writing but they can be in any order.

They are:

Balloon Never Kicked Brown Frightening

. Bang! I woke up to the sound of gunshots. I stumbled out of bed in my PJ’s and I fell flat on my face. This was danger I had never experienced before. I checked in my younger sister’s room and she was running around her room. She still had her birthday balloon in her room from 3 months ago. We raced out of our house just in time to see it burn into ashes. My younger sister kicked the nearest brown tree in anger. Everything in there, gone. All of our drawings and DVDs. it was so frightening and scary.

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