Week #9

The prompt is:

...the orange one spoke first…

Once, there was a boy who was sleeping. Fruit. The boy loved fruit. This is his dream.

The dream was about all the different types of fruit. The orange one spoke first and said

“Hello! I’m an Orange!” Then yellow on spoke next.

“Hola! I'm a pineapple!” Then the blue one spoke next.

“I am a blueberry!” Then none of them said a word. Then a giant hand came in and grabbed the bluerry. next another hand grabbed the pineapple. But the orange saved the day. He grabbed the blueberry and the pineapple and the fruit lived happily ever apple.


Week #8

The Time of the Train 11

“Train eleven is now leaving the station I repeat, Train eleven is leaving.” The voice said. Adam rushed over to that platform. The Brown train left the station. Adam did make it though. Adam Never ever was late. Adam manipulated time as the train was just about to leave as Adam, could manipulate time. Adam Thrashed and Kicked to get on the train. Adam made it. Adam is a bat. As Adam fought through the Frightened people. One kid had a Balloon. Adam got to a seat as he sat down on the baggage handle. Adam loved his awsome life.

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